Strength and Unity is the only way to Defeat Corona .

About Us

WELCOME to; where you can find pertinent information for pandemic response and coronavirus news. My name is Amy Campbell, I’m an Educator and a Student of Public Health I teamed up with Dr David Hirschberg a research scientist at the Rain Incubator Science Lab, who happens to be just as passionate as me about the education of our community. Today we find ourselves in the midst of a Global Pandemic that we’re completely unprepared for …. We definitely weren’t prepared to have our children’s education disrupted for more than half the school year


On this site I have compiled useful information that will be helpful for all ages…

Whether it’s a child learning about germs and how they are transmitted, or high school and college level students learning about communicable diseases. It’s important for us all to pay close attention to our physical and mental state during this pandemic.

In addition to education we want it to be fun and engaging.

I utilize music as a universal Language & a powerful platform to spread the message to prevent and protect ourselves against the spread of infectious diseases:

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What We Do

Growing the next generation of Scientists

During this Global Pandemic we seek to encourage our youth to take an interest in learning about life science by providing various resources to help them understand Coronaviruses, and empower them to sustain themselves during this outbreak as well as future outbreaks.

• Information on How to Support Teens Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

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  • Resources on Caring for Yourself and Others During the Coronavirus

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Training Students

RAIN offers accessible hands-on training in STEM to local students. Empowerment through opportunity.

  • Fundamental lab techniques
  • Organizational team-working skills
  • Public speaking & technical communication skills
  • Processes for innovative thinking and design
  • The problem-solving power of synthetic biolog