With summer vastly approaching – we as a community are faced with an even greater challenge on how to keep students engaged with continuing education while staying safe during this outbreak…

Scientist don’t have the all answers but they’re pretty good at understanding of how these disease causing micro organisms behave..

Germs don’t Discriminate

Dr Dave and I saw this tremendous opportunity to engage the youth directly on staying safe during this Global Pandemic 

By offering science-based classes our youth will understand the importance of Science ………. it’s not uncommon to have more questions than answers …..

On this site I have compiled useful information that will be helpful for all ages…

Whether it’s a child learning about germs and how they are transmitted, or high school and college level students learning about communicable diseases.  It’s important for us all to pay close attention to our physical and mental state during this pandemic.

In addition to education we want it to be fun and engaging.

I utilize music as a universal Language & a powerful platform to spread the message to prevent and protect ourselves against the spread of infectious diseases:

We created the #MaskUp Campaign to engage urban youth to help us.…We want to collaborate with local artists to use music as a way to flatten the curve.. We’re challenging other artists to create their own Maskup Remix. For more details on this challenge check out the video below..  Let’s make MaskUp go viral not the virus